Bizarre stories: The world's youngest mother

In honor of Mother's Day, which is tomorrow, as of the time of this writing, here is a story of a very bizarre birth. It is a little horrifying as well, so if you are sensitive, we do not mind if you click away and check out something bizarre, but less nauseating. This is the story of the world's youngest mother.

Lina Medina of Peru holds the distinction of being the youngest mother to give birth in recorded history. She was a shocking five-years-old when she had her son in May of 1939. She is an old woman now, but she must have been a little trooper to have survived an ordeal that has brought much older women to the brink of insanity - or so their husband's claim. So, Lina Medina, as bizarre as your story is, we salute you and your tough, younger self.

Sadly, what is bizarre about Lina's story is not that she was having sexual relations at the age of four or five. That is all too common. What is bizarre is that she was actually impregnated. She must have hit puberty very early. Five is young for even precocious puberty. Furthermore, for her little body to have carried the baby to term and have delivered a healthy baby is astonishing. To this day, she refuses to say who the boy's father was.