Bizarre ways to ensure the well-being of your family: Alien abduction insurance

Terrified that E.T. is going to "beam you up" and take you through a "Wrinkle in Time?" Afraid that Will Smith will not have a handy black suit or fighter jet on the day the grey men show up for the "War of the Worlds?" Want to make sure your family will be covered when you have one of those "Close Encounters of the Third Kind?" Well, have no fear. Some, rather unscrupulous, insurance companies have your back. Cough up the dough for an alien abduction insurance policy and you will be all set while Mulder and Sully are on vacation.

To most people, the very idea of purchasing insurance for something as difficult to prove, unlikely and nuts sounding as an alien abduction is bizarre. Well, of course it is bizarre. Why else would we mention it here? The thing is it is also true, which is the only other rule for content on That is Bizarre. According to various sources, the Saint Lawrence Agency was the first company greedy or insightful enough to offer this type of insurance. Oddly enough, they had takers.

According to this article on the NASA website, a whole group of people purchased alien abduction insurance policies before committing suicide - together. You might have heard of this group of suicidal alien doomsdayers. They were known as the Heaven's Gate Cult. If you have not heard of them, you must read their story before considering purchasing alien abduction insurance. Let us just say it was a huge waste of 10,000 dollars.

For those of you who are more concerned about getting pregnant or probed by an alien, do not worry. Some insurance companies offer these options. If you can't find one, you might be able to find an insurance company willing to start for you. After all, what insurance policy can resist those kind of odds?