Bizarre Sounds: The Taos Hum

Imagine if you woke up one day and there was a distracting background humming noise invading your ears. Imagine that only you, or a select few, can hear it. Imagine that doctors can find no problem with your hearing or ears. That is what people who can hear the so-called Taos Hum have to deal with. They hear a sound that can interfere with their lives, making it difficult to sleep and think. The worst part is that no one knows where the sound is coming from or how to stop it.

The Taos Hum is named after Taos, New Mexico. Some people there can hear the noise, but it is not relegated to Taos alone. In fact, there are numerous places around the world where the noise plagues a select few people who can hear it. While the noise can come and go, it is relentless when it is affecting "hearers."

The sound of the Taos Hum has been described as the far away sound of a diesel engine. People who have lived near a highway know that this sound may seem distant enough to be ignored, but that is not the case when you are trying to sleep or concentrate. Imagine doing your taxes with the sound of diesel engines in the background.

While it is generally accepted that the Taos Hum is not caused by mass hysteria, it goes unrecorded and unexplained. People who hear the noise do not hear it everywhere. They hear it in the area where they live and in outlying areas. It gets worse when they are indoors or in a vehicle. There is not much research on people passing through hum areas, but it is possible that some sensitive people pick it up on their travels. Hopefully, these people will lend insight into whether it is best for people who suffer from the Taos Hum simply to move to another area.