The Pacific Triangle

You can think of the Pacific Triangle as the equivalent of the better-known Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean. It is also known as the “Formosa Triangle, the “Devil’s Sea” and the “Dragon’s Triangle.” This area of the Pacific Ocean is known for being home to odd occurrences that are nearly identical to those reported in the Bermuda Triangle. It is located in an area of roughly five hundred thousand square miles that is just off of the southeastern coast of Japan.

Reportedly, around two thousand ships and aircraft have gone missing somewhere in the Pacific Triangle. There have also been reports of ghost ships, UFOs and disturbances with electronic equipment. There have even been reports of UFOs coming straight up out of the ocean in the Pacific Triangle and flying off. Simple navigational equipment, such as compasses, have also supposedly malfunctioned in the area. Clocks have been said to stop working and suddenly change time as well.

The ancient people of Japan used to tell stories of dragons that resided in the vicinity of the Pacific Triangle. They told of bright lights and loud noises in the area that supposedly came from the dragons. There is also a local legend that tells of a giant dragon whose lair is in the Pacific Triangle. The disappearances in the area have most likely been occurring for centuries. However, they have only been documented frequently within the pas few decades. Before that time, the majority of people who knew of the Dragon’s Triangle were Japanese. Knowledge of the hazards of that particular stretch of ocean has spread to other parts of the world since then.

Volcanic and seismic activities are thought to be a probable cause for the strange incidents that occur in the Pacific Triangle. This is actually quite possible because both volcanic and seismic activities are common in the area. Islands and other land features in the Pacific Triangle have been known to disappear, appear and drastically change in a matter of days. If these natural occurrences can do that, than it is perfectly feasible that they could cause a ship to disappear. Of course, that doesn’t explain the supposed UFO and ghost ship sightings. Proposed explanations for those sightings include black holes, aliens, military experiments and all of the other typical paranormal activities.