The Shag Harbour Incident: UFO in the Gulf of Maine

Shag Harbour (The Gulf of Maine is where "Atlantic Ocean"
is marked on this image.) 

The Shag Harbour Incident was a supposed UFO sighting near Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia. It occurred in the waters of the Gulf of Maine, according to witnesses. However, despite all indications that the object had crashed into the water, no evidence that anything had crashed was ever found.

The incident occurred on October 4, 1967 at about 11:20 p.m. A few locals saw an object flying through the sky over the gulf. It was flying along fine and then a whistling noise indicated that something was wrong. Witnesses likened the sound to that of a bomb, which begs the question: Was it a bomb? There was then a whooshing sound and the sound of impact. Initial reports from some 11 witnesses stated that the object was an airplane, so authorities responded as such.

Rescue workers scoured the area where the plane reportedly went down. They found no survivors. Even stranger, they found no wreckage, no bodies and nothing to indicate there had even been a crash. Nonetheless, several Canadian law and military organizations continued the investigation. Dive teams looked for wreckage beneath the water and checked to see if any planes had gone missing. There was nothing.

In the end, there was nothing to do but label the incident a UFO case. In this instance, one might substitute the f for "falling." Of course, there were a lot of conspiracy theories that came out of it, but none seems to pan out with physical evidence, of which there is none. Then again, the physical evidence might just be locked up in a Canadian version of Area 51.