Bizarre Creatures: The Loveland Frog

The Loveland Frog is a cryptozoological creature reportedly spotted near Loveland, Ohio in 1955 and 1972. Both accounts vary. They put the creatures between three and four feet tall. They stand erect like humans and have humanoid bodies, but they have bald heads, green, rough, lizard-like skin and gaping, lipless mouths. One account said they were hairless with wrinkly heads. Another supposedly said that they were covered in hair, but it was matted down as if they were wet. One man might have even seen one riding a bicycle. However, given the ambiguity of the report, it might have been the man riding the bicycle when he saw the creature.

The first sighting of the Loveland Frog was of a group of the creatures on a bridge in May of 1955. There were roughly four of them. The man who reported seeing them gave the hairless, green and leathery description. He also said they had frog-like features. Flash-forward to March 3, 1973 and a police officer reportedly saw the same thing in the area, but this one had matted hair. However, it must be noted that the police officer later stated that he saw no such thing. It was a slightly large lizard on all fours crossing the road. The media inflated and changed his story. Therefore, the only sighting that has not been debunked appears to be the 1955 sighting.

The thing about this cryptid is that it is reportedly humanoid and was only ever seen once in Ohio. Humanoid creatures have a tendency to be obvious because they are bipedal and, well, look like people. Unlike Big Foot, this creature has not been seen all over the world, so it seems more likely that Mr. 1955 was very drunk than that there are human frogs hanging out near Loveland.