Bizarre Fact: Spine Misalignment Can Reduce Strength

The spine is the center of all our motions. Spinal injuries can make it difficult to move parts or all of our bodies. There are nerves there that can create pain in the spine area as well as areas far removed from the spine. The spine is more than just a series of vertebrate. It is a complicated body part that makes life livable for human beings. This is common knowledge, but did you know that setting your spine off kilter, without even injuring it, can make your arms weaker?

Do this experiment. Stand with both feet flat on the floor and your arms extended to the sides. Have a friend push down on one or both of your arms. Resist this pushing. You should be able to give a fair bit of resistance. Even if you cannot, it is about to get worse. Place a thick object, such as a phone book or other thick book under one foot. Stand with weight on both feet and your arms extended to the sides. Now, have your friend push down on one or both of your arms again while you resist. You may still be able to resist, but your ability to do so should decrease significantly. Once you are standing with both feet flat on the floor again, your strength will return.

Why does this experiment work? Well, the general consensus is that standing with one foot higher than the other sets your spine out of its normal position. Your brain gets the message that your spine is compromised and puts all its resources into making sure it isn't injured. This means less strength in your arms. Your brain knows to do this without you telling it to. Pretty neat, right? Well, that may not be the best or most in-depth description of the mechanisms behind spinal misalignment, but I'm not expert. I just know the kids think it is amazing. I do too, to be honest.