Bizarre Crimes: Craigslist Diaper Man Gets His Diaper Changed

Man in diaper by ShinyFan
When it comes to bizarre, criminals are at the top of the heap. Some of them do the oddest things to get what they want and let's face it, what some of them want is bizarre in and of itself. Obviously demented and violent crimes aside, because That is Bizarre would turn into a crime site if we included the multitude of abhorrent crimes that humans have committed, there are some crimes that make you want to chuckle in a "What the hell is wrong with the world?" sort of way. The following crime is just such a crime. One can only guess the intention and feel relieved at the outcome.

One day in New Hampshire, a presumably helpful and kind nurse was looking for a job on Craigslist when she came across one that looked promising. The ad was from an elderly man who said he needed someone to take care of his son. His son was an adult who had been in a car crash. He needed too much care for the elderly man to handle. This kind nurse thought the job was right up her alley.

The nurse arrived at the home for an interview, only to find the man who had taken out the ad was not there. Someone else was, though -- a 23-year-old man whose diaper needed changing. Rather than leave him sitting there, she changed his diaper for him and left without an interview or meeting the man who had taken out the ad. She thought for sure that she would get a return phone call. One would think that her show of compassion was enough to get her the job. However, no one called and she started to feel weird about the situation, so she called the police.

The police went to the Craigslist diaper man's house only to find a perfectly healthy 23-year-old named Eric Carrier. Eric, for reasons one can only guess, had put out the ad himself, donned a diaper, soiled it and waited for a nice female nurse to come along and wipe his bum. Now that is one bizarre fetish and one inventive way to cater to it.

In an odd way, the story is rather funny. The problem is that the outcome could have been very different. Eric had that woman at his mercy. Her guard was down because she thought she was working with an invalid. We can chuckle because of how it turned out, but he really did abuse her kind nature and it could have turned out much worse. It really makes you think twice about doing anything kind for strangers. Then again, who among us would change the diaper of a total stranger we met on Craigslist? Perhaps our kind nurse needs to watch the news more often.